SIAL Newsroom global info hub has just been launched

SIAL Paris has just launched a year-round online news service aiming to serve all players in the sector.

At a time when consumer demand is experiencing a revolution, and distribution models are changing faster than ever, obtaining the right information in real time has never been more vital. SIAL Paris Newsroom aims to federate the food ecosystem around the major transitions underway in the industry, and to be a source of inspiration for the entire worldwide food community: to Inspire Food Business.


The SIAL Paris Newsroom provides daily news from all sectors of the industry in an easy-to-find and easy to read format and echo trends from SIAL’s #Ownthechange initiative. The news service is accessible via the SIAL website or directly on, and is powered by Cleverdis, European leaders in the field of information intelligence, and also publishers of the upcoming SIAL show daily.

According to SIAL Insights, based on large-scale studies performed in 2020 by our expert partners Kantar, Gira and ProtéinesXTC, 73% of consumers have changed their eating habits over the last two years. 63% consider that the way they eat is a societal commitment, meaning choosing the world in which they want to live. 33% have adopted at least one major behavioural change or are boycotting certain brands or products, motivated by healthier diet (70%), more local and seasonal food (53%), free of controversial ingredients (44%).


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